Friday, December 8, 2017

BMW business report


             BMW India has a wide commitment to the observation of the various CSR activities which align with the stipulations of the companies Act, 2013, section 135 along with the corporate social responsibility policy as per the Rules of 2014. Its operations are based on the delineation of its undertakings as a corporate citizen with high integrity. This is aligned with the major philosophy if the company in which the committee was constituted to observe CSR of the company.


            In the bid to realize the goals and the objectives of the CSR committee, a number of social and corporate activities were incorporated in the activities which the company will enforce. Eradication of extreme hunger, malnutrition, poverty, promotion of sanitation and preventive health care activities are some of the duly enforceable responsibilities by the company. In addition to the above, promotion of education and advocacy for the enhancement of vocation skills along with the promotion of gender equality coupled with the empowerment of women, establishment of hostels and homes for both orphans and women and take care of all the marginalized groups of people.


            Ensuring ecological balance, environmental sustainability and the overall activities aimed at ecological balance and natural resource preservation. The company enforces the aspect of environmental conservation through clean production processes the process of green recycling. Moreover, the aspect of cultural preservation and promotion of handicrafts along with arts is adhered to in the operations of the company.


            The company's recruitment policy is fair enough and non-discriminative. This is based on the account of the fact that it does not employ an online open recruitment system where competent employees are assessed regardless of cultural, racial, or political affiliations. In addition to the above, the retentions and promotion policies of the company are not based on race, color, and religion, but rather on the competence levels and job accomplishment rates.


             The company's policy as regards to the disabled has been appreciated over time. This is has been realized through the manufacture of cars known as the saloon cars basically to cater for the disabled. The disabled have benefited from the company's endeavors implemented through the scheme "BMWs for thousands as friends and relatives of the disabled use luxury ‘Motability’ cars."


            According to the scheme of suppliers, BMW's relationship with their services has been noticeable and highly appreciated over time. This explains why it is one of the leading companies with the highest supplier based across the globe. Through the above success, the company has been able to expand at an escalated rate in terms of profits and, therefore, it has often times given back to the customers through promotions, discounts, and offers.


            In summary, the BMW committee of CSR has had a steady progress in the implementation of the formulated plans that are aimed at meeting the corporate social responsibilities.

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